Horse Power With The Samford Museum

On Sunday 21st October, turn back the clock for a few hours with a day at Yangan near Warwick and watch the might and power of heavy horses and their handlers at work. 

This event showcases farming equipment from the 1800’s and 1900’s when horse power was really the power of the horse. 

Samford Museum is organizing a day trip to the event which raises money for charities. Please contact Geoff on 0417 610 983 for more information regarding the trip.  

A thrill for museum members in recent weeks has been the reuniting of two unidentified photos of a WW1 soldier with relatives, far from where the photos were donated.  When the museum examined the photos, the  word Longreach could be seen very faintly in pencil.  We contacted a Longreach group and received a thrilling reply as to the soldier’s identity and that a family member is a current member of that Longreach society.  This is just one of the highlights of membership of Samford Museum.

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