How do I find the Right Yoga Class for me?

Yoga has become so popular now, with so many different styles and themes, from Beer or Drunk Yoga, Cat Yoga and even Harry Potter Yoga.

We understand how confusing and daunting stepping into a Yoga Studio can be. With each class differentiating quite dramatically, how do you know which one is right for you?

Here is a break down of the Classes you may see as well as the classes we offer here at Yoga Sol:

Hatha Yoga: General Yoga may vary from Teacher to Teacher and even from week to week. Suitable for all abilities and Ages

Vinyasa or Flow: A quicker paced class where each pose flows to the next often in a meditative relaxed way. Some Vinyasa classes may be advertised as Power Yoga which is almost Aerobic in style and pace. Lots of strong standing poses that build stamina, strength and heat in the body.

Yin: Long slow and deep stretches most often performed on the floor with little or no standing poses. Great for improving flexibility.

Yoga Load: Yoga with Weights. Using Therabands and hand held weights to add resistance to our poses for Strengthening and Toning the body.

Restorative: A supported practice with plenty of large cushions Bolsters and Blankets to make you super Comfortable and Relaxed.

Lyengar: Technical and precise. With focus on alignment. Great for beginners, those with limitations or those that really want to improve posture.

Ashtanga: A set of poses that don’t change or differ. Quite challenging both for stamina and ability. Candlelight: A restorative style class of pure indulgence set in a circle of candles with guided visualization and Relaxation techniques. May include Head massage, Foot massage and Hot towel Therapy.

Meditation: No exercise or movement component.

Pranayama: Breathing Techniques.

If you would like to start Yoga contact the friendly team at YogaSol on 0406 692 891 or visit their website

Here is their current timetable below.

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