Improving The Traditional Golf Swing

By David Barr

Dear Editor, 

The Traditional Golf Swing has developed over hundreds of years. It is difficult to master. Only 3% of golfers, who are those possessing superior coordination and timing, have a handicap of 3 or less, while the average for all handicap golfers is about 20.

Of course, practice will improve one’s handicap. But, if the method of hitting the ball can be improved and adopted, the average handicap may also be lowered, and perhaps more golfers might get more fun out of their golf.

The question therefore is ‘how can this be done?’, if indeed it is possible.

This question troubled me as a ‘golf tragic’ and now-retired scientist, so during the pandemic I started to think about it. I watched videos of elite golfers, read a few so-called instruction books and used my many years of playing the game to identify the ‘essential movements’ of the elites – even some with radical swings.   

My initial theory was that if the EM’s could be put together in a different way, a new and more effective stroke might be developed. Initial trials of hitting plastic golf balls inside into a curtain eight metres away were unsuccessful. Finally, a new procedure emerged, which was partly successful but complex. After simplification, but retaining the EM’s, the New Golf Stroke seemed to at least provide an alternative swing warranting further trials. And it might be easier on the golfer’s back and need a lower energy input.

If you are interested in trying the new swing, please drop me a line on

Regards, David Bar

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