Independent Retirees, Come Join Us!

The Association of Independent Retirees (A.I.R) – North Brisbane are a group of retirees who are fully or partial self funded. They meet on the third Friday of each month at the OES Hall, 2 Boland Street, Kedron. 

The group welcome a guest speaker at each monthly meeting who discusses matters of interest to members. The group also have various social events occurring throughout the year such as their Bus Trips. Meetings commence at around 9.30am and normally finishing around noon with a break for morning tea and biscuits.

Visitors interested in joining the group are always welcome and the only cost apart from annual membership fees if joining, is the cost for tea and nibblies.

The A.I.R. also have a Finance Discussion Group that meets on the second Friday at Chermside. Visitors are welcome for one initial visit. Otherwise its members only meeting. Please note we do not give financial advice .

For details please ring 3881 1820 or 3351 4126 prior to 5 pm  or e-mail

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