Is your current hayfever medication letting you down?

Hayfever is one of the most common allergic conditions, and its effects are felt by more than a quarter of Australians.

The symptoms of the allergies of hayfever are wide ranging, from puffy eyes to itchy throat and are highly variable depending on local weather and environmental conditions. They even extend beyond physical effects and a sudden bout of hayfever can leave you feeling miserable and unwilling to venture outside, even on the sunniest spring days.

What many hayfever and allergy suffers don’t realise is that relief could just be round the corner. To help understand and better manage your allegies, Guardian has developed a Hayfever Survival Guide, designed to bring fast effective relief to hayfever sufferers.

It’s free and easy to complete and will only take 10 minutes of your time. Most importantly, it could help you reclaim your spring – no more declining invitations to outdoor picnics or BBQ’s.

Simply pop into Patricks Road Pharmacy at Ferny Fair Shopping Centre, 170 Patricks Road, Ferny Hills they will run you through it. No appointment needed!

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