It’s All Progress

An update from the Ferny Grove & Upper Kedron Residents Association

There’s lots happening across our suburbs at the moment, much of it changing the landscape as we know it, but all to do with servicing the ever-expanding community as the Ellendale development at Upper Kedron releases new stages and areas north of Ferny Grove also grow. 

The Transport Oriented Development (TOD) is making good progress and taking shape as one of the tallest buildings this side of Mitchelton.  The Rosella Street bridge construction has commenced with the land across the creek cleared and sub-structures being dug in. Foundations for the retail development along Canvey Road are also well underway.  

What would Mrs T. Marshall, a member of one of the area’s founding families, have thought?  Here’s what she had to say in the Courier Mail on 1 February 1938. 

‘Sir – Why is it that Upper Keron, a farming district in the Brisbane area, only ten miles from the heart of the city, is without electricity? Surely if ‘the electrification of the rural area in the city has proceeded rapidly,’ ‘this district should not be without the convenience of electricity’  Mrs T Marshall Ferny Grove

Fire Safety

During June, Council placed a large number of signs around the area alerting that ‘Bushfire risk is real around here.’ A timely reminder that despite the recent rains, we are surrounded by bushland and should be prepared not only to reduce the risk of fire, but plan for a safe exit if needed.

Koalas on the. move

It’s that time of the year with Koalas on the move during mating season. Slow down on the roads and keep your pets restrained, especially at dawn and dusk. If you see a sick or injured Koala, contact Moreton Bay Koala Rescue 0401 080 333 (available 24/7). It’s also helpful to report all sightings to assist with conservation efforts. 

Report feral animal sightings

Give our wildlife a fighting chance and report any feral animal sightings via the Brisbane City Council website. Our locale is frequented by foxes, feral cats, wild dogs, rabbits and feral deer.  

FGUKRA researches and advocates for residents to all levels of government on local issues. 

To join for a once only $10 fee, please contact us at or visit their website for more information. 

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