It’s Mannequin Mania at the Samford Museum

Monthly news from the Samford Museum

The Samford Museum is delighted to introduce some new residents to the museum in the form of a family of mannequins!

Museum volunteers, Susan Rosso and Jan Quin, spent a busy morning preparing and dressing the new residents with stubborn arms and torsos flailing in all directions! With some help from Geoff in putting the models together, and with clothes donated by Jan and Sue, the four mannequins have now been dressed and put on display. 

All the new members have a name. The bride has been named ‘Sarah’ after the earliest bridal photo in the museum’s nearby display ,Sarah Reed, who married Daniel McCombe in 1887.

The early colonial mannequin resident is known as ‘Eliza’ and the milk maid is named ‘Bridget’. Both these names are derived from popular girls names in the very early days.

The next job for the museum was to name their school teacher. According to the 125th Anniversary Book for Samford School (1997), no female had ever been a Head Teacher at Samford. The first female teacher/teacher assistant was Miss Lillias Smith, who taught from 1916-1919. The museum’s Smith Family records show a Lillias Theresa Smith married James George Morrison on 24 May 1919, which was just one month after she finished teaching at Samford School. In those days, married teachers were required to resign. So, in honour of Lillias, they have named their Provisional School’s new teacher Miss Smith.

The museum welcomes visitors and is open on Wednesdays and Sundays from 10am until 4pm. 

For further details or enquiries, please call Geoff on 0417 610 983  or email

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