January 2020 Horoscopes

Your monthly horoscopes brought to you by Missy Rivers- Psychic Medium & Teacher

ARIES: Happy New Year! Beware of building frustration around you this month, a rearranging of your plans will be the remedy. Keep a calm mind when some unexpected things pop up in order to achieve the best outcome. A new learning experience will come to you through a close relationship. 

TAURUS: Happy New Year! A new venture is especially blessed this month despite your mind being preoccupied. Accepting support from someone close is important for your success and enjoyment. A learning experience for the work front will have you re-evaluating your communication strategy. 

GEMINI: Happy New Year! A fresh year seems to bring you a fresh focus on you finances, in particular any joint finances will keep you extra busy. Speak up early about your concerns to avoid further issues. Advice will come from someone close, listen, it will be beneficial. Consider a declutter.

CANCER: Happy New Year! This month you’ll be wise to rely on past experiences rather than accidemia. Expect some stress to bubble over surrounding an income or financial matter, you will need to take control and gently steer someone close to you in the right direction to avoid future issues. 

LEO: Happy New Year! Communication is key to getting your year off on the right foot, especially with a partner. Frustrations may be creeping up inside you around work outcomes, take a step back and have a needed break before returning to tackle a challenging project in a fresh energy. 

VIRGO: Happy New Year! You should be proud of the harmony you’ve brought to a new home, space or reinvented your existing space, this is what the doctor ordered! This tranquil setting will set the stage for a meeting around a financial venture that needs a second start or to be finally put to bed. 

LIBRA: Happy New Year! A desire to ease into the year in your home environment will be disrupted and may cause communication issues with a partner. There is a middle ground, you will simply need to communicate to find it. Desiring an opportunity may have you rushing in, slow down and discuss before acting. 

SCORPIO: Happy New Year! Start strong by having a plan for the year. Early negotiations at work is needed to keep you happy moving forward. A situation on the personal front will call for a realistic approach- take off the rose coloured glasses. Don’t hastily accept a tempting new financial offer. 

SAGITTARIUS: Happy New Year! Starting the year off by finding entertainment away from home may bring about a tempting way to break your budget early. Keep yourself restrained until your funds match your desires. Watch the home front for news about a close relationship’s health matters.

CAPRICORN: Happy New Year! You’ll be called to put your best foot forward at work, giving it everything you’ve got will result in a positive upgrade. Be on your toes, there is an energy of deception around you, sniff out any wrong doers. Compromise on domestic matters will be needed for a harmonious outcome. 

AQUARIUS: Happy New Year! Change is not often something you embrace easily, this month is no different, with a change of circumstances with a close relationship could unsettle you, don’t despair, this is in your favour. Feeling short changed with a financial matter will resolve itself for a positive outcome. 

PISCES: Happy New Year! It’s time to put your negotiating hat on, as you are called to facilitate matters in your life, your sense of duty will prevail to reach an outcome good for all. Friends may disappoint this month as plans are not kept too on their end.

Horoscopes for January 2020 by Missy Rivers, Psychic Medium & Teacher

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