Karate is more than just a sport for local families

A few members of the IOGKF family at the Enoggera dojo

Kids sports have big benefits for kids. Research links participation to better grades and self-esteem, long-term improvements in education, employment and lower obesity rates.

But the escalating time, travel and financial demands of many competitive kids sports are pushing some parents over the edge. Many are pushing back and looking to sports that are inclusive for the whole family. By this families can still reap the many benefits of sport mentioned above, however also gain quality time as a whole family.

Here at The Hills Echo, we have researched local sports that the entire family can realistically take part in and discovered that Karate is a fantastic option.

Karate can improve your stamina, focus, coordination along with your fitness and overall health. It will teach life skills, how to defend yourself against others, including how to not put yourself in dangerous situations. All of this can improve self-confidence and self-esteem giving the student a great sense of self accomplishment.

Luckily for local residents, we have a local dojo that encourages family participation. The Hurdcotte Street dojo in Enoggera is the Queensland home to The International Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-do Federation (IOGKF) and houses a variety of world class instructors.

Here, students gain so much more than just physical skills. They gain self-respect and self-discipline which sees their behaviour change, their work improve, their ability to focus and problem solve increases, it provides so much more than just learning to punch and kick.

The IOGKF caters for all age groups, and the instructors have found that children have generally developed the ability to concentrate and participate for the duration of the classes from age six upwards. Currently, they have a wide age range of students that enjoy the classes from age six to sixty.

Head Sensei, Gavin Hill, who is a 5th degree black belt and has over 30years experience in Karate, explains that they already have many families reaping the rewards of this training.

“We have three families at the dojo at the moment, combinations of fathers and sons/daughters. It is quite inspiring to see how they enjoy sharing this healthy activity and having fun at the same time,” said Sensei Gavin.

The IOGKF are excited to announce that in the New Year they are introducing children’s classes at 5:30pm that last for an hour before the adults start training at 6:30pm. This allows instructors to cater the teaching methods to the class so that the students get more out of each session.  The classes will still include fitness, basic karate (punching, kicking, blocking techniques) and traditional form work (kata) and applications.

In addition, the IOGKF is offering the first 10 lessons free at the Enoggera dojo. So what are you waiting for, get the whole family involved in the family friendly family sport of Karate that  will stimulate healthy habits that will last forever.

If you would like to take part or have any queries call 0419 719 810. You can also follow them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/goju_ryu_karate_qld/

A few members of the IOGKF family at the Enoggera dojo

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