Ensure your plants florish this festive season!

After the 5th December meeting, the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club goes into recess for the holiday season. The first 2020 meeting at the Enoggera Memorial Hall in Trundle Street, will take place on the 6th February.  

Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the calendar month except January, commencing after morning tea which is served at 9.45 a.m.  New members and visitors are most welcome. The hall is close to public transport and accessible by wheel chair. For more information please phone Pat, the president, on 3356 1256.

The holiday season is not far off and thoughts of those going on vacation must include care of indoor and potted plants if applicable. If there’s a neighbour or friend willing to take on this duty, well and good, but often provision has to be made to prevent losing the plants through lack of water.

The use of a soil wetting agent applied to the potting mix about a week before departure is beneficial, and the following hints could be helpful.

If you don’t have a drip watering system with an automatic timer, gather some  two litre plastic soft drink or milk bottles. Punch a small hole in each lid. Fill each bottle with water and place one upside down on each pot plant. The gradual water seeping through the hole should take about a fortnight to use up all the water.

Make sure hanging baskets and small pots are well watered by immersing them in a bucket or tub of water until bubbles cease to rise. 

If you can, your potted plants should be grouped in the coolest room of the house, e.g. in the laundry or bathroom, or in a protected spot outside. 

When a dense mass of foliage is created, the leaves transpire moisture which makes a humid atmosphere reducing the plants’ need for water.

Another idea is to use a wick made of strips of old panty hose or wool. 

Thread the strip through the potting mix and leave one end in a vessel of water.  The water is drawn to the potting mix. Scrunched-up newspaper left in the bath after it has been thoroughly wet is another helpful way to keep potted plants moist.  Leave a little bit of water in the bath tub and place the pots on top of the newspaper.

 Wishes for a happy, peaceful Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year are extended to all.

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