Kick Start Your Fitness in 2019

The local Fabulous Physical Fun studio may be just what you are looking for to kick start yourself to be stronger and healthier in the New Year.

This unique studio is located at the Ferny Grove Shopping Village, next to Coles. It is a boutique studio specialising in fitness for the mature body, or if the competitive mood in gyms is not for you. A wide variety of classes for all fitness levels are on offer, such as Be Fit Be Strong, Pilates, Yoga Stretch, Zumba, Fit for Life (great for Seniors) and Boogie Bounce (coming early next year). These classes will greatly improve your strength, flexibility and fitness.

Bonnie Cunial, principal trainer, is in her 60’s herself and relates well to mature clients…

‘At Fabulous Physical Fun, we want to help you get stronger and more flexible, so you move with grace and ease in your everyday life. Training alongside like-minded members gives you motivation, companionship and is FUN.’

The Kickstart program at only $149 for 28 days is a fantastic way to try the studio with unlimited classes on offer. You will be given a health and fitness assessment, so that you can set some goals, and you will follow a high energy nutrition plan. To help you achieve your goals, you will receive weekly accountability calls with your trainer. 

The program kicks off in the New Year – calling Bonnie on 0413 600 502 is the first step to being a more fabulous you in 2019.

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