Lavina’s Lifestyle Tips

Old School housekeeping tips from our local lady Lavina

Lavina Fairweather of Ferny Hills is a local Grandma. Back in Lavina’s day you learnt to be self-reliant, there weren‘t any Coles or Woolies stores to run to when you had an emergency! You were on your own, and you simply made do with whatever home remedies you had available. Every month Lavina will be sharing some of her trusted household tips and tricks that often came to her rescue.

Household Hint

Tea and Coffee Stains in a cup: This stain can be removed by rubbing the inside quite firmly using your fingers, with plain salt or salt and lemon juice, or salt and vinegar.

To keep a fridge/freezer smelling fresh: Sprinkle a few drops of lemon essence on a damp cloth and wipe interior walls and shelves.

Cooking Hint

To keep nuts from sinking to the bottom of cake or bread batter, shake them in a paper bag with a pinch of flour.

Laundry Hint

Various stains can be removed as follows; Rub borax over tea stains and steep in boiling water. Rub salt on wine stains and pour boiling water over them. Freshly cut tomato often rubs out a tea stain.

“The most difficult secret for a man to keep is the opinion of himself”

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