Local Dessert Queen to Hit the Big Screen

We were excited here at The Hills Echo to learn that season two of popular TV Show  “Zumbo’s Just Desserts” will be hitting our screens very soon. However, we were even more excited when Channel 7 called to notify us that a lady from our community had been chosen as a contestant!

Arana Hills local, Pearly is a 30 year old bubbly flight attendant and is ready to take off in the competition.

“I’m bold, bubbly, fun and unique,” she says. “I’m the only Pearly I know. I’m the only Pearly that anyone knows!”

She describes her dessert style as full of flavour and colour. “It’s a little bit OTT. I like to bring the light and fun in any situation and that includes my desserts.”

Pearly is aiming to fly high in the competition!

The self-professed chocoholic likens dessert making to creating amazing pieces of art.

“When you’re handing out slices of cake, it’s like you’re Santa. Everyone’s faces light up!”

Pearly first became interested in creating cakes in 2010. “I realised I had a real passion for baking back then but I needed to develop some real cooking skills and, thanks to YouTube tutorials and baking supply stores, I’ve come a long way in the last five years.”

“Nailing” a dessert is Pearly’s favourite pastime, which she indulges in regularly whilst at home with her husband, Brantley, 31.

“When I’m baking it’s like the whole world disappears… it’s almost like you put a part of your soul in the dessert.”

After putting the finishing touches to her sweet and sugary desserts, she gets a buzz out of watching others marvel at her creations.

“No matter how small or big your creation is, I always adore seeing people enjoy my desserts and hearing them describe their experience eating it.”

However, Pearly is her own toughest critic especially when her desserts don’t turn out exactly as planned. She admits she can sometimes waste precious time “washing my hands and keeping my bench tidy rather than focusing on the dessert.”

When she isn’t serving tea at high altitudes, Pearly enjoys competing in body building competitions. “It satisfies my passion for performing and wearing ridiculous fake tan,” she laughs.

Happily married for the past two years, Pearly and Brantley are keen to welcome the pitter patter of feet but for the moment are proud parents to two Toy Poodle crosses.

Pearly’s ultimate dream career would be to host her own cooking show and have her own line of cooking utensils.

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