Local Greyhound Foster Heroes

Mike and Kathy McGuill with one of their beloved greyhounds.

You may recognise the name Mike McGuill from our regular Arana Hills senior citizens column ‘TidBits’. However, did you know he is also a Greyhound Foster Hero?

Mike and his wife Kathys’ foster journey began back in November 2016 with their first foster greyhound, Jessica. The couple found a real love for the breed due to their good nature and gentle demeanor and are now currently fostering their 13th greyhound, Serena. Mike and Kathy’s ‘job’ as foster carers is to provide essential care for the dogs along with enrichment activities, such as walking and interaction with new objects and experiences. 

The couple have many fond memories of their time spent with their various dogs. Their most rewarding memories were of visits to an old friend at St Martins nursing home in Taigum. Prior to their friend passing, they took four greyhounds to see him, with the support of the staff at the home. This not only brought joy to their friend but also to the other residents and the attention-loving greyhounds!

‘When we arrived at the nursing home, all the residents faces would absolutely light up, it really made their day’ said Mike.

Billy, one of Mike and Kathys’ foster dogs

Mike and Kathy foster for the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) that is run by the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission and is dedicated to finding suitable homes for retired greyhounds. The team work with the racing industry to guide them in preparing their racing greyhounds for retirement. Every greyhound in the program is health checked and behaviorally assessed, de-sexed, wormed and vaccinated. The foster families play a pivotal role in transitioning these canine athletes to pet life through exposing the greyhounds to a variety of situations that are likely to be encountered once it becomes a pet. Foster carers also implement basic obedience training, such as basic house manners and get the greyhound used to the type of routine that is normal for a family home.

If you are looking for more information regarding fostering a greyhound, please visit www.gapqld.com.au/foster

The GAP team would like to extend a big thank you to Mike and Kathy for all their hard work and dedication.

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