Local pharmacy offers tailored treatment for menopause relief

The team at Keperra Compounding Pharmacy are here to help

A new treatment approach is bringing menopause relief in Keperra. 

For many women, menopause symptoms like disrupted sleep, irritability and weight gain feel like they’re taking over – putting women in the back seat when it comes to making choices about how they live their life. Worse still, traditional treatment options are limited and often ineffective.  

But, thanks to a new way of thinking offered by Keperra Compounding Pharmacy, help is at hand. 

‘The simplest way to explain it is: our bodies are all different, and menopause impacts every woman differently. So, it makes sense that we each need unique treatment options’ said Pharmacist and Menopause Consultant, Tahnee Simpson. 

‘Menopause disrupts the careful balance of hormones in your body. That imbalance is what creates those frustrating symptoms, which can negatively impact women at home, at work and particularly in their relationships. 

‘The specific balance of hormones is unique to each person, which is why generic solutions often prescribed don’t work for everyone.

‘By taking the time to understand how menopause is affecting the individual person, we can play a role in offering a personalised treatment program that addresses their unique needs and the unique hormone balance their body is craving.’

Working alongside a local doctor experienced in supporting women who are struggling with their menopause symptoms, the Keperra pharmacy has already helped a number of locals to regain balance and vitality.

‘We’re lucky as a compounding pharmacy, we can work with a doctor to create personalised treatments to meet each patient’s unique needs.’

‘I’m so passionate about helping the women in our community. If nothing else, I want every woman to know you don’t have to suffer through menopause. If the one-size-fits-all treatment options you’ve been offered in the past (like antidepressants, herbal remedies or sleep aids) haven’t worked, then consider looking at treatment approaches that focus more specifically on you and your body’s needs.’

‘You’re unique, your treatment should be too!’

For more information or to book a free consultation, visit the store at 10 Dallas Parade, Keperra; or visit compoundingpharmacy.com.au/menopause

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