Lunchbox Essentials – Balancing energy, mind & mood

Alana Maxwell, Nutritionist

In 2021 Samford Health & Wellbeing Support (SHAWS) is excited to launch a new series of health and wellbeing education events. The group will be hosting workshops with different health professionals to support you with new connections and your wellbeing. 

The first in the series of workshops is the 5 Top Lunchbox Essentials and kicks off on Saturday 30th January at 10am.
The workshop will be presented by  Alana Maxwell, Nutritionist, who will discuss health and wellbeing in the lunchbox for balanced energy, mood, and minds. Alana will be demonstrating food examples, sharing tips, and explaining how to balance energy, reduce fatigue, improve mood and behaviour with food.

Alana is a qualified nutritionist and mum of three primary and teenaged children, living in Samford Valley. Alana manages a Nutrition and Wellbeing clinic for mums, teens and children at Samford Valley Medical Centre, teaches cooking programs for teenagers with ASD & ADHD and teaches private cooking classes to inspire and coach healthy dietary change.

Her journey to nutrition was driven by her own digestive challenges and her children’s allergies, intolerances and behavioural challenges. Now, Alana loves supporting exhausted mums, teens and children. As life’s stresses cause deviations off the healthy pathway, Alana loves helping people navigate their journey back to healthy patterns. It is her mission to educate, coach and inspire healthy nutrition and wellbeing changes for better health, mind and mood.

The workshop will take place at the Samford Community Hub, 2204 Mount Samson Rd, Samford Valley and the cost is only a $5 donation. Bookings are essential by the 25th January, as spaces are limited so please email to reserve your spot.

Other future workshops hosted by SHAW’s to look forward to will be based on: Finding your own sense of purpose in life, How to make and maintain connections, Stress management, Health & Diet, Beauty & Personal Care, Complementary Medicines, Personal Finance & Budgeting plus many other forms of workshops to support you. Come along as SHAW‘s would love to meet you. Keep an eye on their social media pages for upcoming events and workshops at 

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