Making by hand to connect the past with the future

Weekly ‘Learn to Sew’ classes are truly intergenerational

Do you have memories of your grandmother’s or mother’s sewing room? A place of quiet creativity and wonder with all the shiny bobbins, colourful threads and carefully folded piles of fabric waiting to be turned into something!

Since 2014, The Nest Community in Everton Park has received many wonderful donations from people who can’t bear the thought of throwing out their mother’s or grandmother’s prized possessions once they have passed away. In some cases, the donations also inspire participation.

Sewing is not just for the ladies!

‘We had a gentleman bring in all of his mother’s sewing equipment. He saw what we are doing here and was inspired to follow in his mother’s footsteps and learn to sew! One of our volunteers, Pauline, has been working one-on-one with him to take him through the basics,’ says Nest Community CEO and Co-founder, Roz Fenson.

One of the Nest Community’s guiding principles is to create intergenerational connection and their volunteers do just that with their weekly Learn to Sew classes.

Ms Fenson says, ’Every Saturday from 10am -12pm we offer Learn to Sew classes. We have a fleet of sewing machines, many of them top quality older machines that have been passed on to us from deceased estates. We currently have a group of eight year olds who are learning to sew from our volunteers – many of whom are old enough to be their grandmothers! It’s wonderful to see skills being passed on to our future generation of makers.’

With the Nest Community’s Haberdashery Thrift Shop providing a treasure trove of low-cost patterns, fabric, notions and thread, there is no better place to take up this crafty past time and connect with like-minded people.

To find out more about The Nest Community’s regular sewing and craft workshops, visit Eventbrite or

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