Medicinal Cannabis and More

From Keperra Compounding Pharmacy

Since 2018, when the Federal Government relaxed restrictions around prescribing medicinal cannabis, thousands of Australians are now using it to treat conditions like chronic pain and mental health conditions.

If conventional treatments are not satisfactory, a doctor may consider a trial of medicinal cannabis. In the past, it has been a long process to obtain a prescription, and a common perception with medicinal cannabis is that it can be very difficult for patients to find doctors who were knowledgeable and interested. Furthermore, the products are quite expensive and there can be many hurdles, paperwork and so forth, before a prescription can be obtained.

The good news is that we have access to medicinal cannabis clinics locally. Keperra Medical Centre in Dallas Parade, Keperra have been running clinics for over a year now. The experienced and knowledgable team can assist with the prescription of medical cannabis and can streamline  the process, with access only taking about a week.

Another perception is that medical professionals often hear is that “I’d rather be using medical cannabis than opioid  products any day. But it is so expensive to access”

The cost of medicinal cannabis has been reduced considerably in recent years. This is due to its popularity and the vast number of products now available. The doctors at Keperra Medical Centre are mindful of the importance of value for money when prescribing medicinal cannabis and can discuss costings.

Treating Pain is holistic, taking medication is often part of the solution, lifestyle factors such as diet, sleep and functionality are as important. The team at Keperra Compounding Pharmacy always ensure their clients have a good understanding of all that can be done to improve pain and wellbeing.

Medicinal cannabis is by no means all that is available from Keperra’s Compounding Pharmacy. The Pharmacists work with you and your doctor to find the best option for you. This may be medicinal cannabis or one of many options such as PEA and LDN that are used in the management of pain. It is most often the case that patients and doctors are not aware of what is actually available from a compounding pharmacy. 

A good example is the pain creams. Up to four medications can be incorporated at once to provide a highly effective pain cream that can be applied directly to and penetrate deeply into the area that is hurting. 

If you or someone you know would like more information about medicinal cannabis or any of the pain options available please call Keperra’s Compounding Pharmacy 3355

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