Men’s Shed On The Hunt For Challenges

Just some of the items crafted by the gentlemen at the Ridley Road Men’s Shed

The Ridley Road Community Men’s Shed is a small well -established Men’s Shed situated in the grounds of The Anglican Church Ridley Road Bridgeman Downs and serving surrounding suburbs.

The Shed provides a range of services to the community, and most importantly to its members. Members enjoy the companionship of each other and the opportunity to work together to give back to the community a range of services.

 Their well-equipped woodworking workshop allows the skills of its members to create wooden items from toys to works of art. Their ability to restore wooden items is boundless. A box of bits and pieces of wood of a priceless heirloom is restored to its former glory by their dedicated skill and attention.

Where would you take that chair with a broken leg, that battered sideboard handed down through the family or that Set of Gold Essayers Scales for restoration? Why not drop them into the Men’s Shed for assessment. You’ll be surprised at the finished job. The Men treat this as a challenge and work together to solve it. 

The group are always on the lookout for projects to assist other Community Groups. The Shed relies on community involvement to provide it with members, projects to work on and donations of any wood or tools you have lying around.

Perhaps the most valuable asset of the Men’s Shed is to provide a safe drop in place for those who find themselves at a loose end after years of permanent employment. In the Men’s Shed, you are accepted for what you are and how you can contribute to its well being. It is a place where you can enjoy the companionship of others who find themselves in the same situation. There is no pressure to do anything, but a very supporting and understanding mateship will put  them at ease. 

Interested? Call into the Shed on one of the three mornings they are open (Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday) and see if it’s what you are looking for. For more information, get in touch with them at or call John on 0417 709 720.

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