Mortal Engines – Book Review

In collaboration with the Young Writers Club at St. Williams Catholic Primary School, The Hills Echo is delighted to publish a monthly ‘Student Reporter Column’ called Young Reporters Take the Reins.

This month, we showcase budding writer Ben M. Ben is an avid reader who loves all things Science and fiction. He has written a book review of a book he recommends everyone reads. He is very keen to share this with everyone and will happily chat with anyone about it.


Mortal Engines – Book Review By Ben M.

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve is a fantastic book! 

Ben M.

The book is set in the far future where the earth has been scarred from the countless wars past generations fought. Now, cities roam the bare earth preying on smaller towns for materials. The main character Tom Natsworthy lives on one of the biggest traction cities on the planet – London. Tom is flung out of London into the wastelands where a cyborg begins to hunt him down. The story of this young boy is incredible with twists and turns all throughout the book.

The author Philip Reeve has a way with his words where every single word draws you in and you feel like you have to read more. The cover art for Mortal Engines also draws you in. I found every time I picked up the book, I had to look at the amazing art on the front cover! I recommend this book for ages 10 – 18 years old as it does have a bit of violence in it but not too much. 

This book was the best book I have read in my entire life, it had so much drama and suspense that I just couldn’t stop reading. After I finished reading Mortal Engines, I moved on to the second book Predators Gold and without noticing I read the entire book in four days thanks to the way Philip Reeve lures you into a spiral of mystery and suspense. I loved every bit of the book because it felt like I was Tom and I found myself lost in his world going on adventures with him. I felt sad when Tom felt sad and I felt happy when Tom felt happy, so it just shows how well the book Mortal Engines is written.

Overall, I rate this book 10/10 It’s a great read and I recommend getting lost in Tom’s world like I did.

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