Mums Matter at Arana Netball

Bri, Kym & Gem Streeter

Arana Netball Club would like to put a BIG shout out to all of the families who give so much to their club. 

Arana Netball is a local Netball club supported by volunteers who are the heart and soul of their organisation. They have a tribe of managers who help keep their daughters’ teams organised each week, coaches who develop players, committee members who give up time to raise funds for the club, keep our socials alive and manage the money and memberships.  

On Mothers Day, the club paid tribute to the many mothers who contribute so much. One of these mums is Kym Streeter.  Kym has been involved with Arana Netball Club for 18 years and has worn many hats! As a mum, manager, umpire, coach and executive committee member, Kym has made a significant contribution to the organisation, something of which the club is very thankful for. A passion for netball must run through the Streeter blood, with two of Kym’s daughters having followed in their mothers footsteps. Once old enough, daughters Bri and Gem joined the coaching and umpire ranks as well as volunteering on the committee!

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