My Community by Georgia Wright

Georgia Wright

‘Community’. What is it? If you were to ask trusty Google, it would provide a vague answer about a group of people sharing common traits or living in the same area. However, I believe that community is a word of far more depth. 

My community— existent within my family household, my school campus, my housing estate and the Hills District itself—radiates love, support and unity. As a 15-year-old, I am searching to find my place of belonging in this world. That is no easy feat. But, in this community, a multitude of opportunities are offered to me and other young people to guide us throughout this journey of growth.

As a child, adults always told me that the best way to discover my strengths is through experimentation. Trying things out. To help adolescents learn their individual flair, many programs, clubs and group events are available in the local community. For the aspiring athletes of the district, there are many sporting clubs, such as Arana Club Netball and Pine Hills Football Club. For the adventure seekers, there is the McDowall Bunya Scout Group which enables its young members to ‘grow and develop together’. For enthusiastic coders, there is an enrichment program called Code Club that is offered at Arana Hills Library. For…You get the picture. 

Personally, I have taken part in many programs and clubs to help me find activities I am passionate about. I’ve dipped my feet into the pools of many local swim schools, indulged in the world of dance at AMMA School of Dance, located at Everton Hills, and experimented with Tae Kwon Do, art lessons, gymnastics and more. Then finally, my heart settled on Arana Netball Club and my love for shooting goals was born. I think it’s fair to say that that piece of advice given to me as a child was nothing short of pure wisdom. 

Now it’s no secret that being a teenager is far from the magical experience that movies like Grease cranked it up to be. Often the transition from childhood to adulthood is a bumpy road, with many ups and downs along the way. Luckily for adolescents growing up in the Hills District, they’re a part of a community that exists upon a strong foundation of support. Many support groups, psychologists, counsellors and mental health specialists are available in this locality, including an online support system called Proactive Coaching. However, I find that my most valuable supporters in life are my family, my friends, and even teachers at school. 

Although teenage minds are wild places, a touch of support goes a long way in keeping their thought trains on a positive pathway. This community— a haven of love, support and unity—strives to help its youth grow and flourish as individuals. Through the eyes of myself, a 15-year old, this is something to be deeply revered. 

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