Native Plants & our Pioneers

On Thursday, 6th May, the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club will meet at the Enoggera Memorial Hall if there are no restrictions in place.  

The guest speaker, Geoff Robinson, will talk about the historical connection between native plants and our pioneers.  For instance, Australia’s national flower, the Golden Wattle, belongs to the acacia family – Acacia pycnantha. The early settlers used this plant to wattle and daub their houses, so this acacia became known as the Golden Wattle. 

The meeting commences after morning tea which is served at 9.45 a.m. Visitors and new members are most welcome.  Access to the hall is via Trundle Street, Enoggera and it is close to public transport and is wheelchair friendly. A trade table operates at the meeting so members can bring excess plant material for others to buy for a very low price. The guest speaker will bring honey and plants for sale.

April is a busy month  for gardeners. It’s the time for spring annual seedlings and bulbs to be planted. Everything should be done by the end of April while there is still warmth to encourage growth. To make the annuals grow in a  bushy shape and not tall and lanky, pinch out the growing tip once the plant is established. Don’t plant bulbs too deep. The neck of the bulb should be level with the top of the soil. Sweet pea seeds used to be planted on St Patrick’s Day in March which, these days, is still hot weather. It’s better to plant sweet peas in April.  

The club meets on the first Thursday of the calendar month and has vacancies for more members.  For more information please phone the president, Pat, on 3356 1256

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