Nature Study Nostalgia 

An update from the Samford Museum

An outline of the Nature Study Class. 1954

Learning at home has become a new method of education during times of COVID lockdown.   

Remote learning via computer shows how teachers have been able to adapt technology to continue teaching students.

In the 1950’s radiograms were in use in schools to enable pupils access to some lessons. Singing and Nature Study were two such subjects. Booklets issued by the ABC Youth education Department for use in schools with their radio programming were purchased by the school at the beginning of each year. Lessons were prepared and broadcast by Crosbie Morrison, Director of National Parks, Victoria.  In Nature Study lessons pupils listened to the broadcast and followed illustrations in the supplied booklet.

At Bunya School, the newly appointed head teacher applied in 1953 for a radiogram.  The department indicated the cost of 53 pounds.  The school committee was to share half the cost.  Six months later a 6 volt battery operated radiogram was supplied.  In July 1964, the then head teacher received departmental approval for conversion to 240 volt power. No longer would the batteries have to be recharged at the local garage!  

Information in this article is sourced from Bunya School 1875-1965 by Melva A Welch, Nature Studies book in Museum’s collection. 

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