New Mouth-Watering Touch to Local Bowls Club

A review of the Everton Park Bowls and Community Club’s catering service, Moreton Bay Kitchen. By our writer, Georgia Wright.

Georgia (right) enjoying the delicious delights by Moreton Bay Kitchen

Moroccan chicken tagine with jewelled couscous salad, slow roasted beef cheeks with mashed potato and shiraz gravy, and beer battered cod with tartare sauce and chips—these are just three of the many spectacular meals up Suzie Mills sleeves. And boy, is Everton Park Bowls and Community Club lucky to have her business, Moreton Bay Kitchen: Catering, on board!

A former publisher for The National Gallery in London, Suzie’s later decision to find success in the chef industry not only shocked the world, but also knocked everyone’s socks off. She kickstarted her career—and fine-tuned her now impeccable skillsets—at Leith’s School of Food and Wine, where she undertook a rigorous one-year course. This led Suzie to open the doors of her own restaurant in Dorset, but she has since closed those doors in order for her to pursue her career on Australian shores. 

Delicious meals await at the Everton Park Bowls Club

Now, not only does Suzie whip up a mean family dinner behind the Bowls Club’s counter, but she also pours her twenty years of experience into high end catering and standard catering services, a delivery service, and events catering services—for hiring dancers and entertainment, etc. A very flexible chef indeed!  

Her menu at this bistro changes frequently, as confirmed by Suzie, depending on what sort of “foody vibe” she is feeling each week, but her much-loved repertoire is often described as “rustic cosmopolitan”. She also makes a conscious effort for her weekly menus to have synergy with her delivery service. 

All that being said, Suzie Mills, international and award-winning chef, certainly knows how to make your experience one to remember. Whether it’s a wedding, a work function, or simply a family breakfast, lunch or dinner outing, Suzie will ensure you leave with a smile on your face and a happy food baby beneath your belt! 

What are we waiting for, Brisbane locals? Come on down to the Everton Park Bowls and Community Club to get amongst the action!

The Everton Park Bowls and Community Club is located at 7 Gearside Street, Everton Park. The Moreton Bay Kitchen operates on Fridays from 5.30pm to 8pm. To make a booking, call or text 0434 963 249. Weekly menus are available to view on
Takeaway and catering also available.


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