New multipurpose kitchen for the kids and the community!

Georgie – the OSHC cook, Gayle Mann and Glenn Pfeffer from the Tucky Team, Katrina Bray – VP Major Projectswith school Principal Danielle Priday and students!

What happens when demand in the school Tuckshop rapidly outgrows the current kitchen space? A visionary P&C Association comes to life and begins planning a major renovation project – that’s what! And this is exactly what happened at Patricks Road State School.

Plans began in early 2019 for a major kitchen renovation, which was kicked off by the inaugural Colour Explosion Event to help the Patricks Road State School P&C Association  raise the funds required.

Extensive research went into identifying what changes were needed. Tuckshop staff and P&C members took themselves off on excursions to other renovated school Tuckshops for inspiration. It was identified quickly that there was considerable merit in combining food preparation requirements for both the Tuckshop and the Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) service, which is also ran by the P&C. Having a functional and multipurpose kitchen space could include the introduction of new services, and more extensive catering options for groups within the school community.

Concept designs were finalised in early 2020 and an independent Project Manager was appointed to take the project through procurement, construction and finalisation.

Construction began in July and completed in mid-September, ready to re-open at the beginning of Term 4.  Whilst the school kids are super excited about this new facility, no one is more thrilled with the outcome of this major project, which was fully funded by the Patricks Road SS P&C Association, than the fabulous Tucky Team and OSHC Cook! Thank you Pats Road community: past, present and future

So what does the Parents & Citizens Committee do?

The Patricks Road SS is a group of community minded parents and citizens, who work in a voluntary capacity. They also take on a more formal role to assist the school in providing feedback on school policies and activities; additional resources to enhance student learning; and opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education.

To support this financially, the Patricks Road SS P&C operate three small businesses, an Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) facility, a school Tuckshop and a Uniform Shop. Each of these, in addition to offering an invaluable service to the school community, generate a moderate income for the P&C.  100% of the profits from these businesses are invested back into the school.

Tuckshop has delivered a valuable contribution to our school community for many years.  It is a part of the total educational experience for our kids, providing them an opportunity to practice:

• Social etiquette by waiting patiently in line

• Recognising and handling their hard earned pocket money

• Making good food choices for themselves

• Interacting with unfamiliar adults in a safe situation

• Using their manners

• Broadening their taste experiences


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