New Novel Hitting the Streets by local author!

Georgia Wright with her novel, Love Hurts

The sheer number of talented youngsters we have in our community is incredible and Georgia Wright from Arana Hills is one of them. At the young age of 16 years old she has successfully brought her dream of writing and producing a novel to a reality.

You may remember Georgia from the July 2019 edition of The Hills Echo, in which she wrote an article about the silver-linings in our community. 

Since the ripe age of thirteen, Georgia has shown extreme dedication to her dream and snatched every sliver of free time to work on bringing the world of her novel to life. This month, she is thrilled to announce that the fruit of her labour is ready for harvest and her book ‘Love Hurts’ has hit the streets.

Under the category of Young Adult fiction, Love Hurts follows the tale of a wallflower, Maddie Garcia, who finds herself thrown into the eye of a social whirlwind. Whilst chasing after the boy who makes her heart flutter, she simultaneously battles to find her feet and avoid treading on anyone’s toes. Along the way, Maddie discovers exactly why love hurts. 

“I’ll never forget the night Maddie Garcia wandered into my mind, carrying on her shoulders a story of fleeting romance and self-growth, which I began writing the very next day,’ explains Georgia.

‘The novel’s construction wasn’t always a breeze. However, watching the puzzle pieces of Love Hurts slot together to form an incredible final product sure made every second worthwhile. Maddie will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I hope she’ll soon hold a place in yours!’

A small extract from this exciting novel is below. To read more, grab your copy from (through Amazon Kindle) or via 

For further launch details or information, head over to Georgia’s Instagram page @georgiawrightwrites or email me at

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