Loved Ones Cut The Deepest: Emotional Abuse

It is quite normal for us to shape our reality around those who have had an influence over our lives. This can be caregivers, friends or romantic partners. This is where we can get our self-worth and status from and learn how to behave and react, how to connect, and what to expect out of others.  The majority of us... Read More

by katie , 41 mins ago

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Get ‘Bowled Over’ for Free!

Do you want to try a slower placed outdoor activity – FOR FREE?! Every Tuesday evening in October, from 6pm to 8pm, there will be FREE ‘Have-A-Go’ Lawn Bowl sessions at Gaythorne Bowls Club, Prospect Road, Gaythorne. The sessions are primarily aimed at people aged 50 and over, as this activity is included in the Brisbane City Council’s Active and... Read More

by katie , 2 days ago


Showcasing Samford in First Community Council Meeting

Moreton Bay Regional Council has for the first time today taken its General Meeting out of the Chambers and into the regions. The inaugural Community Council Meeting was held in Samford today to connect locals directly with Councillors and staff to discuss local issues, projects, ideas and ways to address challenges in the area. After months of constantly changing COVID... Read More

by katie , 2 days ago

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Healthier Kids Menus Coming Soon to the Local Area

Queensland cafés and restaurants will be empowered to offer healthier menus for children, thanks to the state’s first Healthy Kids Menu initiative, launched by Health and Wellbeing Queensland. Launched in July, this new initiative will see Queensland venues participating in the program offer healthier menu options for children so it’s easier for families to make healthier food and drink choices... Read More

by katie , 3 days ago

Education, Young Reporters Take The Reins

Book Week Inspires Young Creatives

As part of Book Week celebrations at St William’s Catholic Primary School, the children were encouraged to write a short story with one winner selected from each age group.  Here at The Hills Echo, we are delighted to share these wonderful stories with our readers! Two of the winners, Matthew H from Year 2 and Isabel P from Year 4... Read More

by katie , 3 days ago

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The Wolves Women Show Their Bark

Celebrations are in full swing at the Everton Wolves Junior Australian Football League (JAFL) club with their U15.5 Girls Division 3 winning the AFLQ juniors Grand Final last month. The Grand Final took place on the first weekend in September at the AFLQ Headquarters, Cansdale Street, Yeronga. Despite stiff opposition, the ladies triumphed!  Last year, due to low numbers, the... Read More

by katie , 3 days ago

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Park Jam: Live Gigs Are Coming to a Park Near You

Sundays in spring are getting a creative boost with live music and hands-on art happening in parks across Moreton Bay Region. From acoustic live music to hands-on creative art activities and installations, Park Jam is bringing joy and colour to local communities over five Sundays in October. Open to all ages and free of charge, Mayor Peter Flannery encouraged everyone... Read More

by katie , 4 days ago

Community, Health

Don’t Ever Think All Is Lost

Feeling isolated, alone, judged and misunderstood are commonplace for those who experience depression and anxiety. Finding others who have had similar experiences and personal knowledge to talk to is very difficult. Would it be beneficial to spend time with others who have struggled too? Would it be helpful having a place where no explanations are necessary, where there is no... Read More

by katie , 4 days ago

Home and Garden

Tick Paralysis – What you need to know

As the temperature increases from winter to spring paralysis ticks (Ixodes Holocyclus) start to come out of hiding. The female tick attaches to your dog or cats’ skin by mouth parts that inject a toxin. The toxin causes an ascending paralysis (hind legs to front legs) in our companion animals. There are many clinical signs associated with tick paralysis; •... Read More

by katie , 4 days ago


Why would you want a compounded medicine?

The demand for professional compounding has increased as healthcare professionals and patients realise that the “one size fits all approach” of commercially available medications do not meet the needs of many patients. These patients often have a better response to a customised dosage form made specifically for them. Compounding allows the doctor and patient to be totally in control of... Read More

by katie , 4 days ago

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