Next in Line for the Queen’s 100th Birthday Letter

Joyce Powell – a few years ago on a bus trip

Reaching 100 years of age is an accomplishment in itself—not to mention a milestone that I’m sure many of us hope to reach someday and for Joyce Powell, this milestone lands on the 30th October.

Recently, the Hills Echo team met with a couple of Joyce’s children to get the lowdown on her fascinating life as she approaches her 100th year birthday. 

A lady of Cornish descent, Joyce Lorraine Powell used to be a resident at 142 Dawson Parade, Keperra, from 1951 to 2010—that’s 59 years! Back in her golden days, Dawson Parade was a dirt track, surrounded by farming land and commission housing. Joyce now resides in Monnah Park Retirement Village due to health reasons. 

Unfortunately, adult life has never been a smooth ride for Joyce. As a single-mother, whose husband died in 1960 of war-related illness, Joyce raised nine children. She did not have the luxury of family support around her, had five children aged under five at the time, and was constantly under the pump. Debbie—Joyce’s daughter—reveals that her mother cannot remember anything from Debbie’s first year of life because of shock from her husband’s death (her birth and his death were only months apart). 

However, Joyce has since been rewarded with 16 grandkids, 23 great grandkids, and 2 great great grandkids! Also, seven of her own children still live locally and visit her whenever possible. It was them who filled us in on Joyce’s involvement in the community we share today. 

Joyce Powell – 1920

Joyce was a foundation member at the Everton Park Bowls Club , a member of the Mitchelton and Districts garden club and also a regular visitor to the local library as she was an avid reader.

Whilst with the Everton Park Bowls Club, she took part in many trips interstate to places such as Tasmania, the Northern Territory, South Australia and New South Wales which she really enjoyed.

However, it’s safe to say gardening was one of Joyce’s greatest passions, along with bowling and sewing, but ultimately her biggest passion is family. 

‘I value my big family the most and love our family gatherings. Many have stayed in the area and all remain very close and visit me with their families’ said Joyce.

Pat, one of her children, describes Joyce as an ‘amazing person’ and mother, and says that even though she never re-married, she has lived a ‘wonderful life’. And a remarkably long one at that!

Happy birthday Joyce!

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