Not Your Average Gym

Ritual HQ is not your standard 24/7. 

Situated in a beautiful open warehouse style facility, with a team of trainers who live and breathe the belief that everybody deserves to live a better quality of life.

The team, led by owners Chantal and Tyler, along with an on-site Manager, Adam, achieve this through authentic connection with each of their members.

They take the time design personalized strategies which include both quality programming and small group training. Catering for mums and bubs, new gym goers along with seasoned powerlifters and competitive athletes. 

Community is at the heart of everything Ritual HQ do, so accountability extends beyond just the relationship between you and their team of coaches. They celebrate your success and the success of the wider community at large.The team will continue to challenge you, inspire you and provide the foundation to realise your goals. We are committed to the philosophy of achieving measurable outcomes through habitual training and healthy nutrition.

Welcome to a place where habits are born, and excellence begins. Connect with us

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