Nulty Way Stairs – How they got their name

The Nulty Way Pathway/Stairs

At the request of the local progress association in August 1985, a pathway was constructed between Cobbity Crescent and Plucks Road – it was named “Nulty Way’ by the Progress Association. The association also donated the funds to have the stencilled wooden name posts placed at the entrances to the pathway.

The pathway was named after Tom Nulty, a well known president of the association who had served from 1971 for 5 and a half years concurrently with  and additional 6 and a half years as voluntary editor of the local newspaper.

He built his home adjacent to the pathway location, and his family of four daughters became just as involved with their community as was their father. Tom was vocal and active in seeing that the Arana Hills Libary fitted into the area aesthetically. Tom was also involved in the council-assited organising and planting of hundreds of trees around Narellan Street, Cobbity Crescent and nearby streets of Arana Hills.

In February 1982, the Nulty Way family moved to Fig Tree Pocket.

Information in this article gathered from “A list of place names” by Melva A. Welch

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