Online Support Group for Parents of Children with a Disability

The birth of a child with a disability, or the discovery that a child has a disability, can have profound effects on the family and it can be hard to know where to turn. 

Luckily, there is a dedicated, supportive community literally at our fingertips. The ‘Success Community’ private Facebook group offers support, guidance and tips to local members of the community on raising children with a disability or are on the autism spectrum, with a diagnosis or not. A wealth of knowledge can be offered to members of the group from school transitionally, navigating the NDIS / Carer Gateway system to general getting started / or supporting those who aren’t eligible. 

The driving force behind this incredible community is founder, Carrissa Ahern. She has successfully led this community to its 7th year, alongside, angel administrators and its equally beautiful members.

Carrissa is known for her heart of gold, she is a modest yet colourful, powerful, understated fighter and most importantly a strong devoted mum of two active boys, simply reaching out to the community for inclusion. Carrissa instigates and brings attention to new posts within the Facebook group such as; helpful links, reputable articles to reduce stigma, gain extra understanding, explore educational tools and apps, free webinars / presentations, government information, school holiday fun specific to members kids’ needs, upcoming disability expos, hospital trials plus so much more. 

Current member, Ester explains this group is always there to advocate for members and help them put the jigsaw puzzle pieces back together when it is hard to speak or articulate sometimes.  

‘From my perspective, since 2017, I was new to the primary education scene and found this group to be a blessing for me as it provided a platform outside of the ‘medical world’ and created some breathing space, and inspiration. The group helped me find my voice being an advocate for my child who has a physical disability, cerebral palsy,’ said Esther.

‘Success Community’ provides honest, down to earth advice on urgent member requests about local recommendations such as NDIS accepted reputable clinics for OT, physiotherapists, psychologists, paediatrics, in addition to regular social catchups for debriefing in an understanding and safe environment.

Ester explains, the group doesn’t tolerate ‘hate speech,’ bullying, or any judgement, but promotes a kind, courteous, respectful space for parents to ask questions without judgement.

‘If you intend on allowing your kids to shine, their way, with inclusion, love and acceptance, not let their disability define them, need a gentle push to reach your child’s potential, want to take care of your own mental health and wellness, join Success Community,’ urges Esther.

For more information about the group, contact Carrissa on  0404 277 672 or email

A direct link to the group can be found here

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