Out and About in the Gap Ward

With Councillor Steven Toomey

July 2019 Budget Column

The Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner delivering his first budget, he said ‘We live in one of the best cities in the world and it’s getting better all the time.  The 2019-20 Brisbane City Council Budget outlines our ambition for building an even better Brisbane over the next decade and protecting our incredible lifestyle and green space.’

City Budget highlights include:

  • Free off peak travel for Seniors to travel on Brisbane buses, CityCats and ferries. Free travel will make better use of available capacity around Brisbane and create more opportunity for older residents to travel and connect with family and friends. 
  • Council will be undertaking community forums to identify the missing links in public transport. $10million will be allocated over two years to develop a Northside Transport Action Plan as a commitment to combat congestion in the north-western suburbs. The North West Transport Corridor identified in the 1980’s will be used as a starting point and lead the development of a long-term transport plan as part of a Council’s transport strategy that strikes a balance between roads and public and active transport.
  • Lord Major Adrian Schrinner is greening Brisbane’s suburbs with a record spend in the Council Budget to increase tree planting in suburban parks, create tree-lined boulevards and provide households with a discounted green waste bin.  Households will receive free delivery of a green bin to recycle green waste as compost and maximise the city’s recycling efforts and stop green waste being dumped in landfill.
  • The budget will also include a further $15.4million towards the purchase of 750 hectares of bushland by 2010 as part of the accelerated Bushland Acquisition Program.  Safeguarding the city’s important green space and koala habitat is a priority and $385,000 has been allocated to fund a koala research program to support and re-establish koalas in suitable areas of vacant koala habitat in Brisbane.
  • First home buyers will be entitled to a one-year 50% rates discount making housing more affordable so more residents will have the opportunity to own their own home and plan for the future.

You can view the full budget on the Council website:  www.brisbane.qld.gov.au  

The budget for The Gap Ward 2019-20 provides funding to deliver on my commitments as well as new projects across The Gap Ward. 

Funding for local upgrades include:

  •   New playground upgrades in Tennis Avenue Ashgrove and Bowman Park Bardon and further planning and installation of new equipment at Honeyeater Park Upper Kedron & upgrades to facilities at Ferny Grove Sportsground;
  • Upgrade to bike jumps at Sunset Park Ashgrove;
  • Bikeway and footpath reconstruction on Waterworks Road Ashgrove,  Hilder Road The Gap, Lanita Road, Ferny Grove and Simpsons Road, Bardon;
  • Road resurfacing across the ward $5million; 
  • Natural Waterways rehabilitation and restoration for recreation $4million 
  • Congestion busting projects $9.2million

I will be listing all the projects that have been funded for The Gap Ward on my website www.steventoomey.com.au Please so not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss any of these projects.

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