Patients and staff at Pine Rivers Private Hospital ‘Walk Towards Wellness’

As part of its comprehensive inpatient program, staff at Pine Rivers Private Hospital encourage their patients to join them on a daily ‘walk towards wellness’ in an effort to ‘practice what they preach’ and elevate feelings of wellbeing.

The ‘Walk Towards Wellness’ will take on a new route from March and is designed for patients to start their day in the outdoors and enjoy the tremendous benefits of exercise in a safe and trusted environment.

Julie Ford, Nurse Unit Manager from Pine Rivers Private Hospital says the daily guided walks are extremely popular amongst patients and staff, and while it can seem like a simple activity – the walks boast tremendous patient outcomes.

“The morning Walk Towards Wellness has become a staple activity at the hospital and in addition to boosting moods it assists patients cultivate consistency of daily movement,” she said.

“A 30 minute walk enhances metabolism, improves mental and physical energy, develops strong self discipline, improves sleep and assists in improving clarity of mind.

“We encourage patients to join us daily or a few times per week, as typically the more a person engages in an activity, the more likely they will begin incorporating it into their everyday life – and therefore experience long-term benefits.

“Our staff are renowned for their clinical experience, but also for showing patients genuine compassion and understanding. They enjoy the walks as it allows them to practice what they preach and also lead by example.”

Nestled on the banks of the South Pine River, Pine Rivers Private Hospital  provides a wide range of inpatient and outpatient mental health services.  It delivers a high standard of care utilising state of the art equipment, a safe therapeutic environment, peaceful garden areas, quality furnishings and a wide range of clinical services.

The facility offers alcohol and drug programs, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), individual therapy, inpatients group therapy programs and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

All programs aim to allow patients to develop strategies to improve mental health, enjoy creative and therapeutic activities, explore issues relevant to recovery, gain insight and understanding of mental illness and dependency, learn and practice new and adaptive coping skills.

For further information, please visit or visit its Facebook page.

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