Patricks Road State School adopts their new cop

Constable Casey with Inspector Tony Ridge, Deputy Principle Maureen Bailey and the school’s captains Luka and Daniel.

On Monday, February 18, Patricks Road State School officially adopted and welcomed in their new Adopt-a-Cop, Constable Casey Denais from the Ferny Grove Police Division.

During the adoption ceremony ‘Constable Casey’ (as she will be known to her school community) and the school captains were each presented with a formal certificate of adoption by Inspector Tony Ridge, the Patrol Services Inspector for the Inner West Patrol Group.

Constable Casey said she had joined the program to help build and foster a positive relationship between the police and junior members of the community.

She is looking forward to actively participating in school activities, particularly sporting events and is excited to be part of their extended family.

Inner West Police wish Constable Casey all the success in her new role as the official Adopt-a-Cop for the Patricks Road State School!

Police additionally would like to thank the Patricks Road State School for warmly welcoming Constable Casey into their community and participating in the Adopt-a-Cop program.

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