P&C Power At Patricks Road State School

Just SOME of the amazing volunteers at the PRSS CARNIVAL 2018

It’s always wonderful to reflect on the combined hard work and P&C power that can make such significant contributions to our school.  At Patricks Road State School there were so many activities and achievements this year, involving so many members of our community, working as a team in partnership.  

To the many local businesses who have so generously cared for our school, and to the hundreds of volunteers who have spent thousands of hours in support of our school and our children – in the classroom, in the Tuckshop and Uniform Shop, at working bees, sporting events, school banking, and of course our magnificent CARNIVAL event – THANK YOU!  It is this generosity and willingness to participate that makes our wonderful school community a happy and connected place.   

We wish all our departing Year 6ers and other families a wonderful future . Similarly, we look forward to welcoming our new Preps and other families who will be joining us in 2019.  Wishing all a very happy Christmas and a fabulous new year! 

2018 Executive Team, Patricks Road State School P&C Association

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