Picabeen Reflects on the Year Gone By

By QUT Student at Picabeen Community Centre

This is my second placement for my Master of Social Work at QUT. I’m blessed. This placement brings me to contribute to our community and society. Picabeen is one of the best community centres that I’ve ever heard of in Brisbane. The inclusiveness and richness of support given by the staff and volunteers in the organisation makes me feel supported.

The project that I am working on is the Christmas event that’s held in our centre. The aim of this project is to provide an opportunity for disadvantaged and vulnerable people to access assistance during a time of year that is often filled with anxieties. In this year, our goal is to provide an avenue for clients of the centre to come together to celebrate a universally recognized event.We are also working on breaking down barriers to social participation and encouraging intergenerational participation.

My project, I feel, also reduces social isolation, and promotes inclusion in our community. Where COVID-19 has impacted upon everyone’s life, it has also contributed a lot of negative impacts to the community. By acknowledging the impact of the pandemic, we would like to support, help, and assist our local communities in improving their life and well-being. Their ideas have prompted us to let our community know that they are not alone, and Picabeen is here to support and help.

The centre is holding their annual Christmas celebration on Tuesday 14th Tuesday December from 9.30am-1pm. All are welcome. Please note, the centre will be closing on Friday 24th  December and will reopen on Wednesday 5th January.The Picabeen Change Room Op shop will also be closing Friday 24th at 12pm and reopening on Tuesday 4th January. We wish everyone in our community a safe festive season and we can’t wait to see you all in our centre in 2022.

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