Planning Ahead – part 3

An update from the Ferny Grove Upper Kedron & Keperra Residents Association

This month we continue to outline what we included in the community-led budget submission provided by our Association to Cr Toomey (The Gap Ward) in October 2021. The submission included recommendations on expenditure categories within BCC’s budget being: local roads, parks, bikeways, footpaths, reserves and public transport.

In our January column, we focussed on what we submitted to Council in relation to local parks.  Our February column addressed bikes and pathways. This month we’ll cover roads.

Road and traffic access has always been a hot topic in Upper Kedron, particularly with the impending population growth associated with the Ellendale development and the current limited vehicle exits and public transport options available.

As anticipated through our community consultation, there are significant requests for additional roads, including the Mt Nebo Road connection.  New road and road extension requests by residents included:

  • Canvey Road to Mt Nebo Road

  • Levitt Road to Upper Kedron Road (via the quarry) utilising existing O’Quinn Rd if necessary.

  • Levitt Road from Canvey Road to Settlement Road along the gazetted easement.

These works would sit outside of Council budget parameters but included it in our report to Cr Toomey for noting as part of future planning decisions.

Based on community feedback, we presented the following as priority budget projects for roads in our suburbs:

  • Widening of Levitt Rd including completion of the footpaths and guttering along the full length of the road.

  • Cemetery Road – Proper sealed car parking. The poor parking amenity on this road presents a significant safety issue.

  • Seal parking shoulder on Upper Kedron Rd at aqua park

  • Julatten Street Park – sealed car parking along Upper Kedron Road

  • McGinn Road – road surface repairs (these have since been done – and what a difference !)

  • Lengthen dual turning lanes from Cemetery onto Upper Kedron Road before the intersection

  • O’Quinn Road & Levitt Road – curb and channelling on both sides of road.

Several road safety improvements were also requested:

  • Minnie Street intersection into Levitt Rd – safety signage to warn of its sudden narrowness. (In the meantime, our Association continues to engage with the State and Local government to have Minnie St widened or straightened for entry into Rosella Street)

  • 360 degree mirror to assist with safe vehicle access to/from Upper Kedron Community Hall

  • 360 degree mirror in Rinavore St and Ballylin St Ferny Grove for safety in blindspots

  • Traffic calming on Canvey Road (particularly before the Wagtail Street intersection) – speed bump or safety mirror

  • McGinn Road – slower speed limit in light of traffic density and proximity to schools/daycare.

The final budget allocation will be determined by Council and we appreciate that in the short time since we wrote this column, the council budget will be impacted by repairs required across Brisbane from recent flooding.

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