Planning Ahead – Part 4

An update from the Ferny Grove Upper Kedron & Keperra Residents Association

We hope everyone has made their way safely through the recent bad weather.  Our local, state and federal representatives did a commendable job keeping the community informed of road closures, damage to public infrastructure and how to access financial support if you were impacted.  

In the March edition of this column, we outlined where our community research identified the need for improved road access within Upper Kedron and Ferny Grove.  The most contentious of these improvements has always been local support for a road connection between the Ellendale development and Mt Nebo Road. With the recent floods presenting numerous road closures, the need for an alternative exit was well proven and should be dealt with as a priority by the local government. 

This month is part 4 of what our Association included in the community-led budget submission to Cr Toomey (The Gap Ward). The submission included recommendations on expenditure categories within BCC’s budget being: local roads, parks, bikeways, footpaths, reserves and public transport.

In parts 1 to 3 of this monthly column, we shared what we submitted to Council in relation to local parks, pathways and roads. This month, we’ll address public transport. 

Our research found that there is a high level of community dissatisfaction with the lack of access to Council buses across our suburbs. A heat map we prepared (see below) demonstrates that a large proportion of residents have lack of access to bus services. We also understand that Brisbane City uses the measure that every resident should be at least within 400m of a bus stop. This measure is definitely not the case for our area.  

Making changes to public transport requires strong leadership from the local council to liaise with Translink and the Department of Transport & Main Roads on behalf of ratepayers. In our budget submission, we urged Cr Toomey to use our heat map analysis as evidence that more bus routes and stops are required in this part of The Gap Ward, particularly in Upper Kedron.  

We put forward a number of route options to provide greater coverage for more residents to supplement the current 367 and 362 bus service offerings. With the Rosella Street bridge construction soon to commence (linking Brockman Road through to Rosella Street) along with the proposed widening of Minnie Street, there appears to be ample opportunity to extend the reach of the bus routes. 

To date, we have not had a response from Council to our recommendations, but will continue to represent the community in getting improved access to public transport. FGUKRA researches and advocates for residents to all levels of government on local issues. To join for a once only $10 fee, contact us at

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