Planning for Australia Day has begun!

News from the Samford Museum

 Planning for our 2020 Australia Day event has already begun. Celebrations will include something for all age groups, eg. vintage cars in John Scott Park, a treasure hunt (yes, treasure when completed!) and cold blacksmithing children’s activities (for a small charge). Assistance with family or local history, photo displays and refreshments will also be available. More details will be outlined in January’s edition of The Hills Echo.

The museum always welcomes photos of family outings to Samford and surrounds. Maybe you have photos of relatives who were primary producers or ran a business in the village.  Or perhaps there was a special occasion celebrated in the Farmers Hall or John Scott Park that you may have images of and are prepared to have added to the collection.  The museum can copy your photos or scans. Alternatively you are welcome to email them to 

Children and parents at Parker School breaking up day picnic in the 1930’s. Parker School was in today’s district of Yugar near Closeburn.

End of school year picnics were fun events for pupils. The committee bought a case of small red apples and a tin of boiled lollies and minties each. Mothers brought cakes and there were races and jumps to be had! For years, Bunya school children were treated to ham sandwiches, rainbow cake, cordial and bucket ice creams with little wooden spoons which were served from a large canvas container packed with dry ice. The committee purchased a book that the teacher had selected to suit each child.  A few of these books from several schools are in Samford Museum’s collection. Other schools spent the day at Redcliffe swimming and riding large rubber tubes, picnicking with plenty of watermelon.

As 2019 comes to a close, we review a very busy year. Thank you for the opportunities to contribute articles to Hills Echo. To those readers who have visited Samford Museum in school groups or as private visitors, thank you for your support.  

Museum hours will change during the Christmas and New Year holidays. To avoid disappointment please phone President Geoff  0417 691 983.

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