Play Precision Play Precision Bowling at Bocce!

By Mario De Marco, Secretary of the Newmarket Bocce club

Newmarket Bocce Club Secretary, Bill enjoying some Precision Bowls

Hello again and welcome to my world of Bocce.

There are so many sports out there and I can understand how difficult it can be to keep members motivated. It may be just a matter of giving them new challenges. No different with Bocce. Bocce Australia, in conjunction with a Bocce club in Victoria, came to the realisation that to entice new members and keep old members challenged, they developed a new strategy and the Precision Bowling game was developed.

As you can see in the photo, it is a succession of three large rings and a small ring where the Kitty/Jack is placed. Now, that outer circle is about two meters wide plenty of room to bowl a ball in, right? Well think again. You can play singles, doubles and even triples. Each player has four bocce ball and bowls into the circles. The point system is 1 point, 3 points and 5 points from the outer circle. If you move the jack and your bocce ball remains in that small circle, its 10 points. It is very difficult to achieve. If a player plays all four bocce balls, it is possible to hit one of your balls, which can add or lower your point score depending where it travels. So, on each bocce rink/court you play two ends. Your team score is added and recorded. As we have four bocce rinks/courts, we play eight ends in total. I hope you got all this! The winning team, of course is the team that has the most points. Note, the photo with ours. There is also a group shot of the club players. We played this as a competition a couple of weeks ago and all members enjoyed the game and can’t wait for the next one. Of course, we had a BBQ beforehand which went down well. To give you an idea, the winning team achieved 134 points, second 122 points, and third 102 points.

Remember, if you want a go at bocce or just want to come have a look, give me or Bill a call on 0403 257 325 or 0431 458 481

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