Pot up to make a profit for your school!

Kumbartcho Sanctuary and Nursery has a new initiative to encourage schools to sell native plants at their fete’s. 

Sadly, too often well-meaning donations are introduced species which escape to become bushland weeds. 

Schools are asked to plan for their event by selecting and preparing their plants of choice 3-4 months before the fete as this will achieve the maximum return for their event.

Members of the school community will come in on a nominated Saturday or Sunday morning and pot up the plants chosen into 6-inch pots and take them away to grow on.

Schools will purchase the plants for $1 from Kumbartcho with the aim to sell them at the fete for $5. For example, if 100 plants for taken they should achieve a $400 profit!

Contact Kim on kimp@kumbartcho.org.au to coordinate the plants for your event.

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