Preparation for the next Play Prevails

From our local community theatre, The Hills Players

The year 2020 has certainly proven to be interesting one to say the least for The Hills Players. 

While we haven’t had the chance to perform a play for everyone, we have enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with you. Our 40 year anniversary has made everyone a little nostalgic and has given us the opportunity to reflect on the plays we have performed. There will more reminiscing from the Hills Players in the next edition of the Hills Echo.   

Preparation for the next play ‘Always a Bridesmaid’ is happening every week.  Rehearsing on our stage and staying social distanced by 1.5 metres, isn’t possible, so the cast is running through the lines instead (COVID-19 compliant of course).  Everyone is getting a great feel for their characters and there is always a whole lot of laughter – no matter how many times the lines are read. This is a sign of the fun to come when we finally get the chance to perform it for an audience.  Let’s hope it’s not too far in the future.

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