Programs of Excellence at The Gap State High School

The Gap State High School‘s Honours Program is an academically challenging and inspiring program for gifted and talented students who show ability, initiative and a strong commitment to academic success.

The program was designed for students willing to take risks, challenge themselves academically and engage in higher order thinking skills while making genuine links across multiple disciplines. As part of our Accelerated Music Program (AMPed) our students are challenged and inspired through extension studies in music theory, to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the language of music. The students have the opportunity to study AMEB theory aligned with their instrumental studies and accelerate through the Australian Curriculum Years 7-10 and the Senior Phase Music Curriculum one year ahead of their cohort.

The Gap State High School’s Special Interest Volleyball Program is an Excellence program aimed at fostering holistic athletic development of talented students in the area of Volleyball. The program aims to promote conduct, knowledge and skills, benefiting the students in academic and vocational pursuits and personal development, and develops young people through interactions based on personal challenge, collaborative group work and team dynamics. The Gap Outdoor Adventure and Leadership Studies (GOALS) has been developed as a core program to develop student’s potential for life success while developing personal and social competencies and leadership skills. The GOALS program aims to enhance students‘ personal, social and leadership capacities in order to increase their potential for life success and their ability to contribute to and lead in their community.

We welcome your interest in our school. For further information, contact (07) 3511 3888 or visit 

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