Quacking Visit Worth Every Pen-ny

Words bY Georgia Wright

Local markets have always been a brewing pot for inspiration, blooming friendship, and smiles. 

And this was exactly what we discovered during a visit to the Ferny Grove Markets this month, when we bumped into 14 year old Jack Grey, owner of the market’s notorious poultry stall.

Most Sundays, Jack and his dad can be found at these local markets, selling ducks, geese, and chickens, along with allowing children to come into the pen and pat/hold the fowl for $2 each. 

After chatting to this knowledgable young lad,  we were moved by his drive, his passion for his animals, and the care he takes of the fowl by himself. As he told us, he just loves sharing his knowledge and passion of fowl with other local kids.

‘I love offering pats to the ducklings, as the little kids get a great experience out of it. The smiles on their face just makes my day and more often than not they would do anything to take home and little duckling or chick to care for,’ said Jack.

Jack’s petting precinct

Living on acreage at Bunya, Jack incubates the eggs himself and uses all correct equipment to ensure the fowl live a healthy life under his wing. This remarkable young man also holds extensive knowledge about fowl—their lifecycles and biologics—which has been learnt through endless hours of research and observations of poultry and fowl. Clearly, dedication and hard work is no stranger to this little fella!

When he’s all grown up, Jack says he hopes to own a high-end chicken supplying business. So, when we broke the news that he’d be making an appearance in the next edition he was over the moon! 

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