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It would be fair to say that the Ferny Grove Mens and Womens Sheds are well endowed with large and expensive machinery. However, with so many active souls, there’s always a shortage of ‘everyday consumables’:

  • soft rags
  • nuts, bolts and screws (hitches) 
  • drill bits 
  • paint brushes
  • storage boxes (preferably strong and stackable).

The sheds are also well endowed with good spirits, but liquid spirits are always thin on the ground. Things like:

  • methylated spirits (“Metho”)
  • turps
  • cutting fluids
  • thinners  etc.

And materials are always in short supply:

  • decent timber (silky oak, maple, cedar etc.)
  • steel sections and sheet
  • brass, copper

We also need spray oils (WD40 etc.), spray paint of all types, sanding sheets, paint stripper, metal polish, and anything remotely useful.

If you think you may be able to help, the Museum would love to hear from you. We’ll collect of course, though you can drop anything off on Tuesday or Friday mornings.

Contact – David Fryer 0418 722 007 for more details

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