Reviewed by Katie Maclean from Albany Creek

The size of the trees on this walk will amaze you!

Location: Maiala Picnic Grounds, Mount Glorious Road, Mount Glorious.

Length: 2km  circuit    Terrain: Dirt with some wooden walkways   Grade: Grade 2 – 3

Any amenities along the track? Toilets, picnic tables, wood barbecues and water

Katie’s notes: 

This is such a peaceful walk, winding through a stunning subtropical rainforest. You can appreciate the majestic beauty of the old Sydney blue gum, a sole survivor of the eucalypt forest that was once the dominant vegetation here. Also, there are many opportunities to spot the local wildlife. Great track for young children. There are two other tracks departing from Maiala, a 2.5km return Cypress Grove track (class three) that takes up to eighty minutes and a 1.2km Western Window track (class four) that will have you walking for only thirty-five to forty-five minutes. Wheelchair-accessible facilities are provided at Maiala.

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