Record rate rise is just around the corner

With Budget Day looming on the 17th June, Moreton Bay Councillors have concluded budget briefings and Council staff are now putting the final measures in place for delivery of the budget for the 2022/2023 financial year.

A stand out topic, on the agenda is the forecasted significant rate rise which will no doubt add to the burden of the skyrocketing cost of living residents are currently enduring. 

However, against the background of a difficult global market with record inflation, this foreseeable rate rise comes as now surprise.

Mayor Peter Flannery would like to emphasis that during these difficult economic times, projects and services will not be cut and with a need to keep pace with our growing region, infrastructure and investment will not be compromised.

‘I can’t pre-empt the final decision of Council before June 17 but we’re expecting the costs of goods and materials for Council to increase by about 14% this financial year, which is almost two and half times CPI,’ Mayor Peter Flannery said.

‘Every household knows the impact of skyrocketing fuel costs right now, which is significant for our vehicles, road crews, and mowing. Then there’s asphalt, cement, labour costs, and construction materials to continue our maintenance and construction programs,’

It was agreed by Councillors that now is not the time to slow down investment, with infrastructure desperately needing to keep pace with the  growing region. In addition, after extensive feedback from residents, about potholes and unmowed grass, Councillors have asked for increased maintenance to improve people’s lifestyles. 

 Furthermore, as a result of the data collected from the recent Moreton Says community survey Councils works program will be repriortised. 94% of people listed parks and playgrounds as ‘extremely important’, so Council will be looking to invest more in these and also activate them more with events and festivals. In addition, 90% support for stronger environmental protections. 49% of survey respondents saying congestion is the number one concern for them daily proving a need to invest in major road improvements.

For more information visit Council’s website

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