Reformer Pilates – What’s all the Fuss Over?

Pilates is the ideal way to get in shape. It’s low-impact, strengthens your core and – from one class to the next – you’ll constantly be learning and evolving.

At Reform Studios, our team provides the best experience possible. Our goal is to create a studio you love and a place to learn and grow, right here in Mitchelton.

Perhaps you are in your early or late 40’s. You haven’t exercised much since having your children. You feel somewhat weak and out of shape. And you constantly struggle to find the time to do something for yourself – including exercise.

You want to start exercising but you worry you may hurt yourself. You worry about timing. And you feel you need guidance on where to begin.

So, what sets us apart from all the other studios offering Pilates in Brisbane? Why are we the best? And why should you try us out?

We Emphasize Community

Generally, the exercise habit is hard to adhere to. It’s not breaking news. We’ve all done it. You start a new exercise program. You stick with it for a few weeks. You get bored. So you quit – it happens. At Reform Studios, we understand life gets in the way. But we aim to support you no matter what.

We want you to succeed. Our instructors bring patience, attention, and warmth to each and every class, so you’ll want to keep coming back. Each class offers an opportunity to learn and grow. After 6 months, you’ll still be learning, we all are. And we encourage our community to grow together. We keep it fun and exciting, so you won’t get bored – and most importantly, you won’t give up.

We’ve Got Options

Have you recently injured yourself? Or maybe you experience regular knee or back pain? The good news is we offer both fitness and clinical options.

No matter where you’re starting point is, we believe you can reach all your goals and more. We believe that Pilates changes lives and we want you to become a stronger, healthier, and happier version of you. 

Visit Reform Studios for more information at Level 1, 40 Blackwood StMitchelton QLD 4053 (above Miss Kays)

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