Rehoming Charity saving Gorgeous Greyhounds

Greyhounds make beautiful pets

You may know Greyhounds as racing dogs. Athletes. 

You may have seen them running around the track at breakneck speeds, muzzles covering their faces. You may not know that Greyhounds are intelligent, gentle, affectionate dogs that make wonderful companions for adults and children. They enjoy being part of a family and after a short daily walk will happily laze away the day snuggled up on a bed or lounge. 

However, Greyhounds bred for racing spend most of their lives in kennels, with little socialisation or exposure to the outside world. For Greyhounds making the transition from racing life to pet life it is new and exciting, but it can also be a scary experience for them. 

This is where rehoming charities like I Want A Greyhound (IWaG) Inc. are invaluable. IWaG is a Brisbane based registered not-for-profit Greyhound rehoming, education and support charity. IWaG was founded in 2018 by four Greyhound loving people with many years experience as Greyhound foster carers, adopters and volunteers for Greyhound rehoming and welfare advocacy groups. 

Many racing Greyhounds have never entered a house, encountered stairs, walked on tiles or carpet or ever seen another breed of dog. Everything is new for them from the sound of the tv, ceiling fans, sliding glass doors and washing machines etc. 

All Greyhounds that enter IWaG’s rehoming programme are placed in foster homes where they are slowly introduced to pet life. Every Greyhound adapts to these changes at their own pace. Some embrace the perks of pet life quickly. Others may require a high level of support from their foster carers and IWaG’s volunteer team (The Hound Crew) and also IWaG’s training partners and vets to help them adjust. 

Once their vet work is complete and they have had time to settle into pet life and have been assessed, the Greyhounds are adopted into forever homes where they can live out the rest of their natural lives as much loved family pets. 

But all this comes at a financial cost. It takes around $1000.00 to transition Greyhounds from racing life to pet life. In the short time they have been operating IWaG has rehomed over 100 Greyhounds with more in foster care and others waiting to come into IWaG’s care. IWaG’s dedicated volunteers work tirelessly and put their heart and soul into fundraising and educating the wider community about the welfare of Greyhounds to build a strong, supportive Greyhound loving community. 

If you want to connect with IWaG go to or email them at If you want to see stories and pictures of the delightful hounds you can follow them on facebook and instagram.

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